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Recital 2020

Bay Area Dance Moves presents "Dancing Thru the Years"

Dress Rehearsal:  Friday, May 29, 2020

5:00p - 10:00p

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Showtime: 1:00pm

Dancer Call Time: 12:00pm

(hair and makeup ready)

Location: TBD

Please use link to purchase tickets


Show Information

Recital Show Performance Order

Recital Checklist

PDF        Word
Hair and Makeup Information / Hints


Recital Tickets

  • Ticket Pickup and additional orders:  We will have tickets available for pickup starting May 2020 at the studio.

  • Tickets for each account that has paid the recital fee can be picked up at the studio.

  • Entrance to the theater requires everyone to have a ticket. 

  • Additional tickets will be available for purchase at this time for $5/ticket.

 Recital T-shirts:

Recital shirts are $20/each
This year we will be pre-ordering shirts for the dancers and their families, if you are interested please let us know in person or via email.  We will also have a limited number available for purchase at the studio/show.

Program Ads

Recital Ad Pricing Sheet

Recital Sizing Aide (for margins when building ad)

Dress Rehearsal Information

Evening of May 29th:

Please check-in backstage at the podium by your assigned arrival time.  We do not want anyone to miss their performance, BUT the rehearsal and show must proceed on time and will not be held for late arrivals.  Show order is attached. 

Rehearsal arrival times are: 
Combo classes - arrive at 5:00pm 
Act 1 – arrive at 6:00pm
Act 2 – arrive at 7:00pm

Please set your dancer up in the class's designated area in the dressing rooms. This helps us to keep the classes together and to keep the show moving smoothly.  NO Dads or Men allowed in the girls dressing areas for ANY reason!!

Dress rehearsal will be run in full costumes, makeup, and hair. Please come prepared with your dancer dressed in her/his first costume, makeup and hair done. 

Dress rehearsal – please be on time, in order to keep the rehearsal moving and make sure we can start the performance on time, we will not stop and wait for dancers arriving late.

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